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Chapter 1 basic and theoretical points of the COOH and COOR teams (pages 1–52): Massimo Simonetta and Sergio Carra
Chapter 2 Electrochemical reactions of carboxylic acids and comparable approaches (pages 53–101): Lennart Eberson
Chapter three Alcoholysis, acidolysis and redistribution of esters (pages 103–136): Jouko Koskikallio
Chapter four The formation of carboxylic acids and their derivatives from organometallic compounds (pages 137–173): R. P. A. Sneeden
Chapter five Synthesis of di? and polycarboxylic acids and esters (pages 175–209): V. F. Kucherov and L. A. Yanovskaya
Chapter 6 Acidity and hydrogen bonding of carboxyl teams (pages 211–293): Lennart Eberson
Chapter 7 advent of COOH teams via carbonyl olefination (pages 295–340): L. D. Bergelson and M. M. Shemyakin
Chapter eight Rearrangement and cyclization reactions of carboxylic acids and esters (pages 341–373): Harold Kwart and Kenneth King
Chapter nine Substitution within the teams COOH and COOR (pages 375–452): D. P. N. Satchell and R. S. Satchell
Chapter 10 Syntheses and makes use of of isotopically labelled carboxylic acids (pages 453–503): Mieczyslaw Zielinski
Chapter eleven Esterification and ester hydrolysis (pages 505–588): Erkki okay. Euranto
Chapter 12 The decarboxylation response (pages 589–622): Louis W. Clark
Chapter thirteen Ortho esters (pages 623–667): E. H. Cordes
Chapter 14 Peracids and peresters (pages 669–703): Sven?Olov Lawesson and Gustav Schroll
Chapter 15 Thiolo, thiono and dithio acids and esters (pages 705–764): Matthys J. Janssen
Chapter sixteen Directive and activating results of CO2H and CO2R teams in fragrant and aliphatic reactions (pages 765–869): G. Kohnstam and D. L. H. Williams
Chapter 17 research of carboxylic acids and esters (pages 871–921): T. S. Ma
Chapter 18 organic formation and reactions of the ?COOH and ?COOR teams (pages 923–1064): Shawn Doonan

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The force constants reported in Table 17 were obtained. For the interaction between the two monomer units stretching-stretching and bending-bending force constants were considered. The origin of this vibra- General and theoretical aspects of the COOH and COOR grotips 31 TABLE 17. ;-O) K(H-C) K ( 0 . -0.. H ) = H ( 0 - H . 015 F ( C . . O ( , , . . 60 F ( H . . C . 60 F (H. C . 70 F ( O , , , . . C . . 80 F ( C . O ( , , .. 01 tional interaction can be understood if we consider the tautomerism between the two structures as shown in (12).

The transition state theory provides a framework in terms of which even complex chemical reactions can be discussed. Mechanistic studies are complementary t o theoretical calculations i n obtaining an understanding of reaction mechanisms, identifying the different stages of reactions and describing the nuclear configuration and electronic organization of transition states. Calculations are however confined to systems for which it is possible and justifiable t o introduce wide simplifi~ations'~'-'~~ .

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