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By James Allen

ISBN-10: 193445141X

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Once more James Allen instructs us on easy methods to increase our lifestyles and non secular well being during the strength of optimistic pondering. He teaches us tips on how to see what's in entrance people and never rush through it. There are a large number of possibilities for us all and this booklet may also help ensure you do not leave out them. existence is stuffed with beginnings. they're offered each day and each hour to each individual. so much beginnings are small, and seem trivial and insignificant, yet in fact they're crucial issues in life.-James Allen

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Having put away hatred, condemnation, egotism, and prejudice he has become enlightened, and sees that purity, love compassion, gentleness, patience, humility, and unselfishness are manifestations of light and knowledge; while impurity, hatred, cruelty, passion, darkness and ignorance; and that whether men are living in light or darkness thay are one and all doing that which they think is necessary, are acting in accordance with thier own measure of light or darkness. The wise man understands and understanding, he ceases from all bitterness and accusation.

Then there are little selfish indulgences, some of which appear harmless, and are commonly fostered; but no selfish indulgence can be harmless, and men and women do not know what they lose by repeatedly and habitually succumbing to effeminate and selfish gratifications. If the God in man is to rise strong and triumphant, the beast in man must perish. The pandering to the animal nature, even when it appears innocent and seems sweet, leads away from truth and blessedness. Each time you give way to the animal within you, and feed and gratify him, he waxes stronger and more rebellious, and takes firmer possession of your mind, which should be in the keeping of Truth.

The unselfish man, even though he finds himself involved in riches, stands aloof, in his mind, from the idea of “exclusive possession”, and so escapes the bitterness and fear and anxiety which ever accompany the covetous spirit. He does not regard any of his outward accretions as being too valuable to lose, but he regards the virtue of unselfishness as being too valuable to the world - to suffering humanity - to lose or cast away. And who is the blessed man? He who is ever hankering after more possessions, thinking only of the personal pleasure he can get out of them?

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