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Similarly, if one separates the beads of a rosary the idea of the rosary no longer obtains. A thing has the specific characteristic of ultimate reality when the idea of it is not lost when someone attempts to destroy or mentally split up the thing in question. Such are the partless and indivisible atoms, indivisible momentary noetic events, and the three absolutes. IKAS Whatever when smashed up or split cannot Be called the same is, like a jug or drop (of water), But empirical truth. All else is ultimate truth.

611 Mi-Pham (1846-1914) author of The Summary of Philosophical Systems FROM THE SUMMARY OF PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS YID-BZHIN-MDZOD-KYI GRUB-MTHA' BSDUS-PA foil. 13a. THE SALIENT features of the Vaibha~ikas' philosophical tenets will be dealt with under seven heads: (1) the five groupings of the knowable; (2) decay as a separate entity; (3) the substantiality of the three aspects of tim~; ( 4) an ineffable self; (5) the noetic as not being self-revealing and cognitive of an object; ( 6) the difference between signatum and index; and (7) an inexhaustible substance.

In his Jewel Garland dKon-mchog 'Jigs-med dbang-po presents the philosophical tenets of the Vaibha~ikas in their own right and succinctly defines the various categories which, although accepted by all subsequent philosophical systems, were to become the objects of critical investigation. Although there were different philosophical trends, as is easily understandable from the fact that the Vaibha~ikas were widely spread over the northwestern and central parts of the Indian sub-continent, individual philosophers such as Vasumitra dominated the scene and in one way or another gave coherence to the philosophical endeavour.

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