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Residence for citizenship purposes (Form N-470), with the Application for Advance ­Permission to Return to Unrelinquished Domicile (Form I-191). The latter application allows permanent residents to obtain permission to reenter the United States after a long trip. S. S. border. S. state or USCIS district for three months before submitting your citizenship application to USCIS—we’ll call this the “state stay” requirement. In other words, if you live in Maine, but move to Arkansas, you’ll have to wait for three months before sending in your citizenship application.

S. citizen and eligible to apply after three years, you’ll need to prove it. S. passport, citizenship certificate, or other proof of citizenship, certificates showing that your and your spouse’s previous marriages (if any) were l­egally ended by death, divorce, or annulment, and ­materials to show that the two of you are actually living as man and wife, such as your children’s birth certificates, a home title, or rental receipts showing both your names, copies of joint credit card statements, and more.

In Section A3, we discussed how many years of ­permanent residence are required before applying for citizenship. But having a green card for the right number of years isn’t enough to qualify you for ­citizenship. You must have spent as much time ­inside the United States as outside of it during those years. This is the physical presence requirement, the purpose of which is for you to strengthen your ties to the United States. S. society, start to understand its system of law and governance, and make a transition away from your old country.

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