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28 27 28 E. Forbis, Municipal Virtues in the Roman Empire: The Evidence of Italian Honorary Inscriptions (1996: Teubner: Stuttgart) 85. 16) 135–41, 168. 9 10 Epigraphic culture in the Bay of Naples Decrees lurk in the background of many inscribed monuments, such as statue bases and public buildings set up decreto decurionum (‘by decree of the councillors’) or tombs mentioning the allocation of public funds for a funeral. 29 This is because the inscribing of decrees was not a standard procedure for the council:30 a decree had simply to be read out at a council meeting and then deposited in the public archives within ten days, as stated in the lex Irnitana: r(ubrica).

A. Bertinelli and A. Donati (2003: Bretschneider: Rome) 237–54. CIL XI 4126 = CLE 194. Cf. CIL VI 14313 = ILS 8205 and CIL VI 29942 = ILS 8207, Rome. CIL XI 575 = ILS 8206 = CLE 195 = SupplIt X (1992) 20. CIL X 3785 = ILS 3064 = ILLRP 723a. 17 18 Epigraphic culture in the Bay of Naples effort and cost to have a text inscribed than simply painted up on a wall or on whitewashed wooden boards. Where it was simply the case that a public notice had to be promulgated to tackle a specific problem in a specific place, it was entirely sufficient for that notice to be painted up on plaster.

871. 2: 6 cm) was found facing the road on the narrow pathway separating the Temple of Fortuna Augusta on its right-hand side from the private house of its donor, M. 63 Finally, one might compare the series of four limestone cippi, each inscribed with the same text, set up by T. 64 61 62 63 64 CIL X 1057; L. Jacobelli, ‘Pompei fuori le mura: note sulla gestione e l’organizzazione dello spazio pubblico e privato’, in Pompei tra Sorrento e Sarno, ed. F. Senatore (2001: Bari Editore: ´ Rome) 29–61 = AEpigr (2001) 795, and ‘Su un nuovo cippo L.

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