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The texts are now explained to them, so that they can understand moral principle. 83 [Note:] In ancient times all virtuous women read illustrated histories to educate themselves; some such as Cao Dagu [Ban Zhao] became quite conversant in the classics and could discuss issues intelligently. 84 Sima Guang did not want girls to become too accomplished in music and singing, perhaps because such accomplishments might make them seem too much like courtesans. ” 30 Women and the family in Chinese history At the age of 10, boys ought to go out to study under a school master and should stay in the outer quarters or away from home .

The husband is yang; the wife is yin. Heaven is honored and occupies the space above. Earth is lowly and occupies the space below. The sun does not have any deficiencies in its fullness; the moon is sometimes round and sometimes incomplete. Yang sings out and gives life to things; yin joins in and completes things. 52 Yin and yang complement each other but not in equal ways. Sima Guang took for granted that action and initiation are more valued than endurance and completion. 53 The complementarity of yin and yang did not require them both to be present at the same time.

Rules for all of these ritual matters could be found in classical texts, especially the Li ji (Record of Ritual) and Yi li (Etiquette and Ritual). 1 Kou Zhun’s concubine singing a song she composed to admonish him. 26a. 42 Women and the family in Chinese history reached final form by the first century , but their meaning was regularly reinterpreted in commentaries. Concubinage was assumed in the classics; indeed, the number and ranks of secondary women a noble should have was prescribed in much the same way as carriages or clothing.

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