New PDF release: Arrow of chaos : romanticism and postmodernity

By Ira Livingston

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By way of modeling how you can imagine via chaos and during the mutual deformations of Romanticism and postmodernity, Arrow of Chaos contributes to replacement alignments of information throughout time and technique.

summary: through modeling how you can imagine via chaos and during the mutual deformations of Romanticism and postmodernity, Arrow of Chaos contributes to substitute alignments of information throughout time and approach

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History is a slithering-in-limbo between what may never have happened (such as Romanticism or modernity), what may or may not be happening, and what may never happen (such as postmodernity). A history that slithers means that present changes really change what happened in the past, and what happens in the past really changes the present, and the future really changes what is happening now, because each of these changes pulls the others into new sets of relations. Instead of situating time or history as either untranscendable horizons or reified objects, the historical snake deconstructs the either/or opposition into a volatile middle ground of history as it is lived.

Romanticism works "in the name of precapitalist values," a name always articulated by capitalism itself. But because this new paradigm, by putting the historical players perpendicular to the time line, tends to reify time rather than history, a third — "diagonal"—movement emerges in which "time is not a general framework but a provisional result of the connection among entities" (Latour 1993, 74). What, then, if time/ history moves like a snake, by its insinuations, by torque and friction across its whole length, moving by virtue of its multiple diagonalities to the directions in which it is moving (as a sailboat "tacks" against the wind)?

However," Gallagher continues, "the short circuit of biological exchange favored by Malthus also seems to be the product of a circular logic," whereby Horrors of Order and Disorder food and the body, commodity and labor, thus constantly indicate each other as the source and gauge of their value. And outside this tight circle of production and consumption, a circle representing the most restrictive economy imaginable, is a network of exchanges that seems only to draw value away from its true site in order to dissipate it.

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