Aqueous Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis by István T. Horváth, Ferenc Joó PDF

By István T. Horváth, Ferenc Joó

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Within the final 15 years aqueous organometallic chemistry and catalysis has emerged from being a laboratory interest to develop into a longtime box of study. issues reviewed the following contain mechanistic reports at the influence of water on catalyzed reactions, the training of water soluble phosphines as ligands for catalysis, steel catalyzed natural reactions in water (hydrogenation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, olefin metathesis, hydrophosphination, etc.), chiral ligands and enantioselective catalysis, organometallic radical photochemistry in aqueous recommendations, bioorganometallic chemistry, organometallic reactions of biopolymers, and catalytic amendment of biomembranes. The precis of contemporary effects is supplemented through an evaluate of possible destiny examine developments.
Audience: Researchers in either academia and undefined, in addition to graduate scholars of homogeneous catalysis.

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3. McGrath, D. , Novak, B. , Grubbs, R. H. (1989) Aqueous RingOpening Metathesis Polymerizations of 7-0xanorbornene Derivatives Using Ruthenium Catalysts, Proceedings of the NATO AS! in Akcay, Turkey, September, 1989. McGrath, D. , Novak, B. , Grubbs, R. H. (1990) Aqueous Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerizations of 7-0xanorbornene Derivatives Using Ruthenium Catalysts, in Y. ), Olefin Metathesis and Polymerization Catalysts, Kluwer Academic Publishers: the Netherlands, pp. 525-536. 4. McGrath, D.

Proposed Catalytic Cycle for the Hydrogenation of Alkynes to Alkenes Using 5 as Catalyst. 6. Other Water-Soluble Iridium Phosphine Complexes The tris-trimethylphJsphine iridium compounds described above are all coordinatively saturated in their ground state. For catalytic activity of compounds such as 5·and 8, an anionic ligand, either chloride or benzoate, 'must dissociate from the metal center. We were interested in synthesizing water-soluble iridium compounds with higher levels of unsaturatiOli in order to obtain higher (or different) catalytic activity.

1995 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 8 is found for this reaction which again supports the notion that 1 is only slightly less basic than pyridine. J)C::>\ . PMe3 ~-Ir+ cr + pyr (2) I- PMe3 PMe3 In aprotic solvents, 1 will react with anhydrous HCI to also form a protonated iridium species, 2, but with two extra equivalents of HCI in the complex (equation 3). PMe, --Ir+ cr I- PMe3 +HCI ~ g +2 'H ,II/PMe3 Ir", 2 I'" PMe3 I cr· 2HCI (3) PMe3 PMe3 2 These extra equivalents of HCI are very tightly held and we have evidence that they are hydrogen-bonded to the chloride ions in the solid lattice.

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