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“I am the man,” wrote Artaud, “who has most sensible charted his inmost self.” Antonin Artaud used to be a good poet who, like Poe, Holderlin, and Nerval, desired to reside within the countless and requested that the human spirit burn in absolute freedom.

To society, he used to be a madman. Artaud, notwithstanding, was once now not insane yet in luciferian pursuit of what society retains hidden. the guy who wrote Van Gogh the fellow Suicided by means of Society raged opposed to the madness of social associations with perception that proves extra prescient with each passing 12 months. this present day, as Artaud’s vatic thunder nonetheless crashes above the “larval confusion” he despised, what's so much awesome in his writings is an extravagant lucidity.

This assortment supplies us integral Artaud at the occult, magic, the theater, brain and physique, the cosmos, uprising, and revolution in its private feel.

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51 ing soul might feel the possibility as in dreams of waking up in a more lucid world after having perforated it knows not what barrier - and finds itself in a luminosity where at last its limbs relax, in a place where all worldly partitions seem infinitely fragile. This soul could be reborn; however, it is not reborn. For although eased somewhat, it feels it is still dreaming, it hasn't yet transformed itself into that dream state with which it cannot yet fully identify. At this instant of his mortal daydream, the living man come to the great wall of an impossible identification brutally withdraws his soul.

And the air is all like some clotted music, but a vast profound music, well put together and secret and full of congealed ramifications. And all this in a masonry of pillars, in a sort of draftsman's wash by which belly and reality are in contact. The canvas is concave, paint laid on its stratifications. Painting is well enclosed within the limits of the canvas. It is like a closed circle, sort of a bottomless whirlpool creased down the middle. Like a mind which sees and spills itself. Incessantly belabored and remalaxified by the nervous hand of the mind.

Life will perpetuate itself, events will go on happening, spiritual con­ flicts will be resolved, and I will play no part in them. I have nothing to hope for on either side, moral or physical. For me there is perpetual sorrow and shadow, the night of the soul, and I have no voice to cry out. Cast your riches far from this numb body, for it is insensible to the seasons of the spirit or the flesh. I have chosen the domain of sorrow and shadow as others have cho­ sen that of the glow and the aceun'lulation of things.

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