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By Daphne Marlatt

ISBN-10: 0887845908

ISBN-13: 9780887845901

Advent by means of Lynn Crosbie

A vintage of Canadian literature, this is the an inventory version of Daphne Marlatt’s completely unique novel approximately rescuing a forgotten lady from obscurity

Ana ancient is the tale of Mrs. Richards, a lady of no heritage, who looks in short in 1873 within the civic records of Vancouver. it's also the tale of Annie, a latest, who turns into enthusiastic about the chances of Mrs. Richards’s lifestyles.

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35) Whether one feels that Fyfe’s “more scientific” is exactly the right choice as a translation for philosophoteron (“more philosophical” is an obvious alternative), it is clear that Aristotle’s text carries no suggestion that there is anything particularly moral or spiritual about poetry’s ability to provide the kind of “general truths” that history cannot. It is Arnold and not Aristotle who believed that greatness in poetry is best identified by the tone of high moral seriousness that marks “the perfect poetic accent” (185).

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