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The way forward for guy strains the sluggish improvement of guy into the main clever and such a lot dominant creature in the world. yet as guy improved materially, his highbrow progress didn't hold speed. at the very least half the folk now crowding this planet may by no means have survived the rigorous selective tactics that operated on past guy.

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The Discarded Image, ch. 7, sec. d Can we carry through to the end the view that human thought is merely human: that it is simply a zoological fact about homo sapiens that he thinks in a certain way: that it in no way reflects (though no doubt it results from) non-human or universal reality? The moment we ask this question, we receive a check. We are at this very point asking whether a certain view of human thought is true. And the view in question is just the view that human thought is not true, not a reflection of reality.

Something expectant, patient, inexorable, met her with no veil or protection between. . This demand which now pressed upon her was not, even by analogy, like any other demand. It was the origin of all right demands and contained them. In its light you could understand them; but from them you could know nothing of it. There was nothing, and never had been anything, like this. And now there was nothing except this. Yet also, everything had been like this; only by being like this had anything existed.

Thirdly, it need hardly be mentioned that entries should be in the best style. Often in one way or another they embody a figure of speech. Fourthly, I have desired to include not simply aphoristic remarks as such but rather ideas shaped and coloured by the particular bias of Lewis's mind. It is a Lewis anthology. It is obvious that no two people endeavouring to select the best from a man's works will always choose identical passages, and the richer the content of those works the less likelihood of total agreement.

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