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By Larry Crabb

ISBN-10: 1418584002

ISBN-13: 9781418584009

Forever switch how you look at the Bible . . . and your individual life

Have you ever learn the Bible basically to return away burdened? Ever puzzled if God actually had you in brain whilst He started telling His story?

Though existence will not be going in line with your plan, God has one other one, far better than you could think. From Genesis to Revelation, adventure His invitation to get you dancing with joy.

In 66 Love Letters Larry Crabb bargains a clean, relational examine Scripture:

“When you end examining my past love letter to you, i need you to achieve that I never underestimated how completely you’d reduce to rubble your lifestyles or how painfully you might fight and endure, and that i don’t wish you to underestimate your failures or struggles both. They’re all a part of the tale I’m telling. “But neither have I underestimated my choice or skill to go into both the mess you’ve made and the soreness you're feeling, then flip every little thing round. I can,...

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You want Me to solve your problems, but you don’t know what your worst problem is, the one responsible for all the others. You don’t yet realize that distance from Me is the most lethal problem you have. “You assume we’re doing just fine together while you run off trying to make life work for you. And you expect Me to cooperate. When you read Leviticus, notice that I never solve anyone’s secondary problems. In all those verses about skin infection, for example, I never prescribed ointment or simply cured the disease, which I easily could have done.

I wanted a sentence, or two or three, for each book of the Bible that I could string together in a sequence that would tell me the one continuous story into which I could fit my life. I wanted to arrange summary sentences of each book into the story God was telling in the Bible. I wanted to know the plot and to see how each chapter (each of the sixty-six books) advanced the plot. It was now almost three o’clock. My excitement was mounting. The train was leaving the station. And I was on board. I pictured my father in his chair in front of our coal-burning fireplace reading Leviticus while Red Skelton was beginning his monologue.

The sixty-six dots were hard to connect. In my graduate studies in psychology, I learned that nonsense syllables, like bas and alk, are hard to remember. Real words are easier to recall, especially if they fit together into a meaningful sentence. Try to remember these four words: cat, the, saw, and I. It will be much easier if you arrange them into a sentence: I saw the cat. I wanted to do something similar with the Bible. I wanted God to give me a sentence—or two or three—that would make sense of Genesis, that would let me know what He wanted me to hear Him say as I read that book.

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