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TheCuyon Palmardigital nerves Branchesto first and secondlumbricals Palmardigitalnerves 'Recurrent branch of mediannerve Clinical Correlate AllenTest Thistestisusedto determine anastomoses between the radial andulnararteries. Innervation of the palm. Distribution of cutaneous nerves to the palm and dorsum of the hand. 56 Anatomy: Musculoskeletal b. Sensoryinnervation of the hand. The median, ulnar, and radial nervesprovide specific areasof the palm and dorsum of the hand with sensoryinnervation (Figure I-5- 13).

3) Extensors of the thumb are the abductor pollicis longus, extensorpollicis brevis, and extensorpollicis longus. (4) Additional musclesof the extensorcompartment include the brachioradialisand the supinator. b. Innervation. All musclesof the posterior compartment of the forearm are supplied by the radial nerve. ClinicalCorrelate is Carpal tunnel syndrome bycompression ofthe caused median nerve withinthe bythecarpal tunnel formed retinaculum. bones andflexor Insevere cases, themuscles of eminence atrophy, and thenar isunable to thepatient oppose thethumb tothe is digits.

A. Unlike the thoracic wall, the bony support of the abdomen is minimal, consisting only of the lumbar vertebraeand portions of the pelvis (the ilium and the pubis). 1. There are five lumbar vertebrae, Ll through L5. 2. The ilium is part of the hip bone or os coxae. Only the landmarks pertinent to the anterior abdominal wall are listed here. a. Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) b. Iliac fossa c. Iliac crest d. Iliac tubercle 3. Pubis (part of os coxae) a. Pubic tubercle b. Pubic crest c. Pubic symphysis 45 andlntegument Tissue, System, Connective Musculoskeletal B.

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